Find your colors


There can be many tints, shades, or tones in most hair color. Black or dark brown hair goes well with contrasting colors. What are the colors in your hair in a room lit with natural sunlight? What are the colors in your hair that show up in direct sunlight?


Black or dark brown eyes go well with contrasting colors. Count every color in your eye flecks. What are the darkest and lightest colors in your eye in a natural sun lit room? What are the lightest and darkest colors in your eye in direct sunlight?


All dark, neutral, and light skin colors may have blue, red, yellow, or pink tones in them. Dark brown may have red or blue tones; light brown may have pink or yellow tones. Light skin can be pink, red or yellow. Does your skin tan or burn in the sunlight?

Pick a color:

Other than the naturals of whites, blacks, browns, and grays there are many colors that will look great on your body. Check out the examples below. These examples will point out hair, eye, and skin colors seen on their body. They will look well wearing the colors in their hair, eyes, and lips. They will also look well in different colors that boost the colors on their body. On the left of each picture are a few examples of colors that enhance their natural features.